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mToken: Matry Protocol Token Utility

mToken: Matry Protocol Token Utility
Kristopher Leo Ian
Founder & CEO
NFTs built with Matry's NFT Framework, can yield a unique, time-released, passive staking reward matrix. Reward matrices include wider real-world market exposure, with price-pegged "m" Token derivatives such as mBTC, mETH, mSOL, mGOLD, mOIL, mUSD and many more, backed by user-pooled liquidity.
mToken: Matry Protocol Token Utility

Initial NFT Offering Participation

In order to participate in the purchasing of new NFTs via INO (Initial NFT Offering)launch events - participants must use theMATRY Token. MATRY will serve as the only eligible form of payment, as new NFT assets become available to the public with the launch of new NFT Metaverses and NFT Collections.

NFT Staking Rewards

Holders of NFTs created via the Matry Protocol will receive a passive income stream of rewards from their NFT(s), on aperiodic basis, called NFT Staking Rewards.Holders will receive an array of digital assets, which include: MATRY, mBTC, mETHmAVAX, mSOL, mGOLD, mOIL, mUSD and many other synthetic price-pegged assets.

Governance Voting Eligibility

MATRY Token holders, whom hold at least a minimum threshold of 1% of the entireMATRY Token Supply, will be eligible to take part in Matry Governance Voting. As such, eligibility specifically entails the permission to bring forth Proposals, Improvements, and General Voting related to new concepts& ideas which bring added value to Matry.

Tradable Digital Asset

The MATRY Token is a fully tradable digital asset, meaning MATRY tokens may be traded / swapped for many other digital assets and is available to trade within the Matry Swap feature (for mTokens) or maybe traded / swapped on all Decentralized or Centralized exchanges whom have listed and support the MATRY Token.

Liquidity Provision Rewards

The MATRY Token will be received by eachLiquidity Provider as a redeemable reward.Liquidity Providers are rewarded for adding liquidity to Trading Liquidity Pools as well as NFT Staking Liquidity Pools as collateral which effectively backs the dynamic minting of mTokens (see the NFT Staking Rewards page for further details).

The NFT Staking Liquidity Pool by definition is a new and exciting innovation. It allows for funds to be provided by supporters of a specific NFT Project which they believe will be a success. These funds are then used as collateral for the creation of "m" Tokens. mTokens are then automatically minted and distributed to the NFT Owners, whom the original NFT Creator had previously created and sold their NFTs to, as rewards.
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